Only an addict can understand another addict. It is from this premise, we started our rehab and earned a great deal of respect in the community. We offer hope – that an addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use and find a better way of life. Yes, we too were a bunch of derelict addicts. The unfortunates who lost everything in our pursuit of escapism. But one day, we bounced back. Got fabulous jobs. Built successful businesses. All the while, we never shied away from helping other addicts recover. We shared. We counselled. We did what we could. Then one day, we started giving back to society. We built a rehab for the financially weak.

Today, with Zorba, we want to help the privileged few. Who are perhaps the loneliest people in the world. We built a private and exclusive rehab because these are not ordinary people. These are future leaders. Perhaps the best in their fields. Or simply misguided youth who want to come back.