Siddharth Jhaveri


Siddharth is a senior therapist and head of client relations. He has 10+ years of experience in the field of chemical dependency at various levels. He specializes in working with young addicts and prefers evidence based & cognitive behavior therapy in his approach.

Since 2004, he has been actively participating in awareness programs for various NGOs and Anonymous groups. He has extensively researched and met a number of addicts both suffering as well as in recovery in the past decade and has worked closely with them at different stages of recovery.In this role, he has also been life coach to many. Cutting edge research is the basis of the program that he practices with his clients in ZORBA.

Apart from a therapist he is also an entrepreneur, designer, theatre actor, life coach and meditation expert. As head of client relations, he manages the team that is responsible for ensuring that the client’s treatment and stay at Zorba is delivered to the highest possible standards. He takes the lead in client contacts and offers them an approachable and experienced environment. Siddharth is available on +91 8669567929 /

Ronald Dsilva


Even after years of staying clean, Ron still calls himself a “recovering addict”. He has been working with addicts since 1994. Much as his academic qualifications are at best modest, Ron knows more about substance abuse than most professionals.

Ron was the Co-Creator of the hugely popular non-commercial recovery portal (now under re-engineering), which was a one stop resource for recovering addicts worldwide. Winner of 55 web awards, including one from the American Association of Web Masters; the resources offered have helped many addicts in their recovery.

Apart from conducting workshops, organising awareness programs and camps for addicts and co-dependents, he has helped several rehabilitation projects; having designed counselling programs for them. His experimental ideas and methods are today used by many and he is constant source of succour for many.

Ron comes from a logistics background, handling port operations for 23 years. He brings in organisational and intense and effective counselling skills to Zorba. Despite his heavy schedule, he takes time out every day to counsel Zorba’s clients.You can contact him direct at

Ally Merchant, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Almas (Ally) Merchant is a clinical psychologist practicing in Brooklyn, NY with individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. She is a candidate at NYU postdoctoral for psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Besides her clinical work, she is also the externship coordinator and supervises externs from doctoral programs in psychology.

Ally heads the medical team at Zorba, interacting with clients and directing the rest of the medical staff, offering guidance on the line of treatment. Earlier, she worked in juvenile justice in New York City.

Ally specializes in trauma, substance use as well as family psychotherapy and is engaged within Division 39 of the APA (Division of Psychoanalysis) and the Association of Psychoanalysis in Culture and Society (APCS). At Division 39, Ally has served as the Early Career Professionals’ Committee as the secretary, provided mentorship to scholarship recipients, and been engaged in the Scholars Program from its inception. At APCS, Ally has served on the board as the secretary and is currently the treasurer of this organization. Apart from her service, Ally has also presented at these conferences multiple times. Finally, Ally serves as the co-clinical director as the Coordinator of Client Recruitment of “A Home Within,” is a mostly volunteer based nonprofit organization which provides free psychotherapy with private practitioners in NYC to individuals who have foster care histories.