Group sessions

While Zorba is a private and exclusive resident program, the need for sharing and exchanging thoughts with a larger audience sometimes helps relieve a lot of emotional negativity. Depending on the patient’s psychological diagnosis and CBT report, a patient may be suggested to attend some group therapy sessions. Mind you, it is not compulsory as it all depends on willingness and readiness of the patient.

In a group therapy session, a handful of people sit and share. They have been people who have afflicted by a similar disorder. At group sessions, our therapist plays a very important role. The therapist observes and documents his findings during the group session. The observations help us further fine tune our overall recovery program for the client.


  1. Exposure to people from the same background. How bad were they? How they succeeded?
  2. Support and encouragement from the members.
  3. Eliminates loneliness and the sense of self-pity.
  4. Identifies role models for the patient. The hope of recovery becomes stronger.
  5. Measures response of the patient in a less closed environment and helps us better the treatment plan.